Holy cats! It works!!

Stella Orange, Genius marketing strategist + wordsmith
Teacher, writer and guide

Emily is a modern-day Harriet Tubman. She leads us to more beauty, more soul, and more freedom. I came to work with her because I knew I wanted to make a big shift in my brand and the way I work with clients. I knew that once I made that shift, I would have many more clients, and more income. My business was already successful. I had the plan to make “the next level” happen. But something was off. My heart wasn’t in it. I wasn’t excited. And all I could say was “I want MORE.” I hired Emily on a hunch… sensing that where words failed me, she would know what to do. And she did. Working with Emily was an initiation into doing business from the core of my being. If that sounds lofty, it is! She’s helped me reconnect with WHY I do what I do in my business. She’s increased my capacity to deal with the “wear & tear” of daily duties. And she’s given me permission to grow my business from a place that’s mythical, magical, and deeply satisfying. My business is now a work of art, and I credit Emily with helping me plug into that. Hallelujah!


Michelle Wang, Global Sales Manager, Wayne

Emily got me out of a rut I didn’t even realize I was in! She helped me fall back in love with my life and get back into my body. I made major career decisions and growth abounded as a result of my process.


LiYana Silver, Love 3.0, Relationship Specialist

I loved the drama of designing a new activity based just on me, and my life. I’m all for tradition, but having a new activity custom made for my most desirable future was exactly what I needed. Emily decoded and rewired, in a few short steps, painful growth blocks I was having, and created a pleasurable way forward. After working with Emily, I revitalized my brand and became laser focused with what I offer.  Prosperity Path is a priceless experience.


Julie Turner, Pilates Professional, NYC

Prosperity Path helped me discover my potential as a creative entrepreneur.  Emily gave me very insightful advice and pushed me to reach for my highest goals.  I immediately began seeing the results of my hard work and I am continuing to grow closer to my goals every day.  I would recommend this process to anyone.


Kristen Domingue, Brand Strategist + Stylist, Creator of Ignite!

I was excited to work with Emily because I understand that if there is a block in my mind, it also exists in my body. What I really wanted was to make more money in my business, period. Emily helped me create a more comprehensive picture of abundance. And what’s awesome, is that not only have I manifested more money (significantly more than I had planned), my fuller picture of abundance is also materializing - and we haven’t even finished the prosperity cycle! Emily’s work works. I highly recommend.


Heather Snyder

Working with Emily was such a gift. The prosperity path work helped me rid myself of old thought patterns and behaviors and helped me to set up new rituals and more positive, helpful behaviors. I think this work will resonate and help me for a long time. Emily is a compassionate, generous, skillful practitioner and anyone would be lucky to work with her

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