Hello, I’m Emily, and I’m a small business owner, Master of Experiential Design grad, Cranio Sacral Therapist, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, and Prosperity Coach.  I have my Masters of Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  I’m also a US Fulbright Scholar and have given Guest Workshops at Parsons School of Design in New York City. But above all else, I am an entrepreneur, market innovator, coach, and lover of providing new experiences that help business owners live richer, happier lives.

After a previous life as a Professional Dancer and Pilates Instructor, I received my Masters in Designs of Experience and started my career as Director of Trends for Futurist Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve. Prior to that I worked in trends in New York for PSFK, and The Futures Company.

Though I actually loved my corporate experience in innovation, I missed the real empowerment that comes from helping people understand their bodies with clients I believe in. Taking the entrepreneurial leap was the best gift I ever gave myself. Combining innovation skills and body knowledge to help entrepreneurs play a bigger game with their business is the most gratifying thing I’ve ever done.  

Getting into your body, mapping out your own prosperity, then taking action is the way to achieve higher sales and better relationships with your clients. Prosperity begins with you.

Mostly because I have gone through them all myself, I have an intimate understanding of the fear to grow and change, the desire to cling to habits we know, and the challenges that come with balancing business innovation and a healthy life. I also understand how key it is to have fun new experiences in order to play a bigger game both in your life and in your business.

The Tepper Method ™ comes from my studies in (NLP), Neuro Linguistic Programming, (CST) Cranio Sacral Therapy, (SER) Somato-Emotional Release, Ritual Work, Innovative Business Coaching, Vipassana Mindful Meditation, Core Energetics, and (MDes) Experiential Design.


  • Get personal guidance into the inner landscape of your own desire, and the key to how they directly impact your ability to create and grow in the right way for you.

  • Experience your own hopes and dreams in action, which is the first, and biggest, step in your hopes and dreams becoming your daily reality.

  • Stretch your capacity for what you think is possible in a supportive, think tank environment.

  • Push the edge of what you think is possible with support and love.

  • Unlock and recompose old beliefs that may be holding you back from realizing your heart’s truest desires.

  • Prosperity Path catalyzes desire into action. Create based on your own desire, a life you didn’t think was possible for you.


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