Programs – A 4 step path…

Increase Your Prosperity Graduated Program
This Program is for you if:

- you are already with it that your body and mind are connected.
- you want MAXIMUM RESULTS and CONSISTENT SUPPORT for the work you already do.
- you’ve tried it all, and deep inside you know there’s an easier way to get ahead and have more fun at the same time.

You’ll Receive:
a 1 1/2 hour long kick starter intensive to set your intentions, this includes body work if you are in NYC.

  • 1 Prosperity Cycle
  • 2 hands on body work sessions
  •  1 Virtual Consult
  • unlimited email support
  •  2 SOS calls
  •  Bonuses: your own “let it go burn kit” including a bowl and burning papers
  • 1 extra Cranio Sacral Session to increase your capacity to receive

Live into your next level of prosperity!

Payment Options available

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