The Four Steps

Identify Goals and Objectives: Your Prosperity Consult
Get crystal clear on what your fullest experience of prosperity looks and feels like for you, based entirely on what you want.  Followed by getting clear on what painful and limiting blocks are holding you back .


Design A New Activity
With the Tepper Method, we will custom design a brand new experience to invite a bigger game and higher level of prosperity into your life. We will rewire habits that have overstayed their welcome and gently but quickly decode the painful blocks


Have A New Experience
We will have a completely new experience to show your system new, more pleasurable, more profitable ways of moving forward. You will be excited, revitalized, focused, relaxed, and ready for a bigger game.


Release the Old
We will Burn off (literally) that which has been weighing you down and is no longer serving you, then seal in your process with some body work on your neuro-transmitors and nervous system. Its like psychic surgery. Limiting beliefs, be gone!

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