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3 Reasons you feel stuck even though you are doing everything “right.”

Benefits: More Money, Clarity, & Energy

1. Paint Your Prosperity – Get Clear on what you want!
Tomorrow is your last day on earth: what do you want your life to look like? Draw it! Take 10 minutes to journal and doodle a picture of what you want.

2. Get into your BODY!
Action is the stuff dreams are made of. Pack up your Picture, and go DO something different. Move your body in a way that’s new for you. Walk the opposite way around the block, hula-hoop, jump rope, do a new type of yoga, belly dance, try jumping jacks. Move it or lose it!!

3.  Have a New Experience
While you’re still on your movement buzz, pick something out of your drawing and create 3 new actions toward asking for new business. Include meeting other people in person and on the phone. Share your vision with them and see where it goes!!

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